I joined the Java Institute after passing my Advanced Level examination in the Science stream from D.S. Senanayake College. I am proud to say that I was a student from the Java Institute and I have gained both practical and theoretical knowledge about programming. It was a great opportunity for us to develop our skills in combining many advanced technologies in software applications. The Java Institute has a well-organised syllabus and as the theory and practical goes together, it is easy to understand the concept given. The Institute’s lecturing panel is highly supportive and they provide their best to assist us achieve our goals. They guided us in every way they could to make us well-recognised software engineers.

Dasun Kanchana
Associate Software Engineer - VIRTUSA
BSc (SEng)

Additionally, this Institute was a great privilege for us to improve or organisational and leadership skills. My career life started as an “Associate Engineer – Technology” at Virtusa and I am currently working as an “Engineer – Technology” at Virtusa while experiencing a multitude of foreign client work. I would like to thank the academic panel and the staff of the Java Institute for all the support and commitment given to help us achieve our goals. Finally, I wish that all the graduates from the Java Institute will achieve their highest goals and be well recognised worldwide.

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