Thavendran Janahan
(BSc.SEng. (ung), OCPJP)
Software Engineer – Visni PVT Ltd


The Java Institute for Advanced Technology has changed my life. If I turn back and see how I was, how I am now, and how I will be in the future, all credit goes to the Java Institute for transforming my life. Consciousness-based education has increased my self-actualisation, creativity, broadened my comprehension and improved my ability to focus. The ideal peaceful environment, the best professors, friendly staff and good friends have all beneficially assisted me. The well-designed curriculum allows us to be successful in life within a short period of time. What I really like about my stay here is that everybody is extremely friendly and helpful. I feel like everybody is a part of a big family and I feel very much at home at the Institute. My academic programme has been excellent too. I really like the way it is structured. The block system helped me focus on each subject in-depth. I received immense guidance from the extremely


knowledgeable faculty members of the Java Institute and they are always eager to help us out. I really appreciate what I learned from the Java Institute and I wish to express my gratitude for the Institute for shaping my career in a great manner. The highly qualified professors were also greatly beneficial for my academic and professional life. I would like to recommend this programme to anyone who is hoping to complete their BSc in Software Engineering. This is one of the best places I have experienced in my life. The Java Institute for Advanced Technology breathed in a new life for me and I sincerely thank the Java Institute!”

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