strongly believe that I was fortunate to pursue my higher education at Java Institute . While my friends in my age are about to start their 2nd year of their bachelors Degree, I am leaving Sri Lanka to start My Masters Degree in Computer Science (MSc) at Anglia Ruskin University of UK . My fast achievement was unbelievable to my family members and to all friends of mine and which the gratitude must pass to the Java Institute.

It is essential to mention that the educational model of java Institute which has been led my success, consists of a good combination of skill development and theoretical components. One of a major specialty I would like to mention about Java Institutes course curricular is, it has a considerable time allocation for practical work to apply gathered knowledge while learning deep theoretical concepts in highly technological areas. The dedication of the panel of lecturer of the institute played a vital role behind my success story. Lecturers of Java Institute are dedicated to teach and any time they help us to solve and clarify all technical problems without any hesitation.

Kasun Shamentha
(MSc.CS (Reading), BSc (SEng), OCPJP) Kasun Shamentha (MSc.CS (Reading), BSc (SEng), OCPJP) Year of Birth 1992

The most important thing is that, I learnt how to learn from the java Institute and it was very helpful for me to success in bachelors level and also will help a lot to success in my future studies

My future ambition is to acquire PhD qualification before the age of 26 after the completion of My MSc. at Anglia Ruskin University in UK.

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