The degree programme offered by the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is well-planned and well-managed. It comprises excellent as well as modern subjects while being helpful for students to learn a number of technologies and practices, including software development practices, quality assurance practices, artificial intelligence, and business management. Moreover, the Institute’s panel of lecturers are well-educated and talented. They are constantly prepared to identify the student’s skills and address them and they provide support consistently as well as guide us.

Kavindi Ranaweera
Associate Software Engineer - VIRTUSA
BSc (SEng)

Today, I am employed as an Associate Software Engineer at Virtusa and my future plans include to learn new technologies, identify new aspects of the industry, and to complete a Master’s Degree. One advice for newcomers is not to join the Java Institute if you are not prepared to work hard. If you are able to work hard, this is the place to load your weapons. In addition, software engineers require both practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. Some software engineers have deep theoretical knowledge but this is insufficient to become an Extreme Software Engineer.

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