I joined the Java Institute with absolutely zero knowledge of computers and programming but only with the knowledge that I must work hard to get through degree. Everything I learned was new to me and it was a lot of hard work to complete the degree. The completion of the Java Institute’s degree gave me the knowledge and the confidence to be able to work with programming languages and technologies. The benefits of learning software engineering include the ability to learn technical, managerial as well as behavioural aspects of the field.

Manupriya Logus
Associate Software Engineer - VIRTUSA
BSc (SEng)

Just before completing my degree, I was fortunate to receive a job as an Associate Engineer at Virtusa. I can say that the knowledge gained at the Java Institute helped me to do further studies and sharpen my career. I will always be grateful to the members of the Java Institute, especially Mr. Sanka Arambawaththa, and the rest of the staff at the Java Institute. The advice I would give to aspiring software engineers is to do what you love and always be aware of the latest tools and technologies of the industry.

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