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(2nd from right side (Monthila Gurusinghe))
Monthila Gurusinghe
Managing Director - Pawara Concepts (PVT) Ltd. (BSc.SEng., OCPJP, OCPWCD, OCPMAD)
Year of Birth: 1989 (24 years)
Ananda College, Colombo

I received my education from both Ananda College and Ashoka College in Colombo and I took part in both the 2008 and 2009 Advanced Level Examinations.However, I was not satisfied with the results of both of my attempts and I made up my mind to follow a programme in Tourism or Marine Engineering. I joined several renowned educational institutes in Sri Lanka in order to accomplish my desires but the final result was desperation.

Eventually, I joined the PCJT Software Engineering Programme of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology and my confidence in this particular course developed gradually. The unique mechanism of lecturing utilised at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology opened up a new frontier in my life and I realised that I had discovered the correct way to build up my life.

It is the Java Institute that is behind the success that I have attained with the company that I established – Pawara Concepts (PVT) Ltd. The variety of skills I

conveniently and efficiently managed via this software application.
Subsequently, I joined the Java Software Engineering Company that is operated by the Java Institute for Advanced Technology and after a service of four years, I am currently holding the position of Senior Software Engineer.
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