My career life started as an Associate Engineer -Technology at Virtusa and currently working as an Engineer- Technology at Virtusa with experiencing lots of foreign client works. It was all because of the knowledge that I gained from Java Institute. I would like to thank the academic panel and the staff of java institute for all the support and commitments given to us to achieve our goals. And also I thank my parents and my colleagues who help me to come this far. Finally I wish that all the graduates from Java institute will achieve their highest goals and well recognition in the world wide. Best wishes for Java Institute.

Nethmi Limesha
Associate Software Engineer - VIRTUSA
BSc (SEng)

The unique mechanism of lecturing in Java Institute was very interesting and it helped me to learn very deep and complex theories easily. The panel of lectures supported and guided us to achieve our goals and to become success even without considering of their own time. And also special training sessions offered by Java Institute helped me to improve my leadership skills.

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