It is extremely delightful to study at the Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom, and it has become a great experience and opportunity to build relationships at a global level. I am glad to state that I saved millions of rupees when I decided to do my BSc. in Sri Lanka as I got a

Sajitha in UK, following his MSc.
Sajitha Tharaka Pathirana
Following masters degree of Anglia Ruskin University from UK
(MSc.CS (Reading), BSc (SEng), OCPJP)
Year of Birth 1992
marvellous opportunity to complete my BSc. at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. I should emphasise that all what I have gained is due to the Java Institute for Advanced Technology and its panel of proficient and qualified academic members.
Java Institute Graduation Ceremony 2012
Opinion of Sajith’s Father
In 2007, I was made aware through a newspaper article about the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. In 2009, my son and I visited the World Congress Exhibition organised at the BMICH by the Java Institute and it was here that we took one of the major decisions of our lives – to allow my son to join the Java Institute. Later, in 2010, my daughter and I visited an educational exhibition held at the Jayawardena Centre and this prompted her to commence her professional studies while she was still in grade 9. She completed her JSAD programme in August 2011 and that had a massive beneficial impact on her future career. When my son completed his Advanced Level examinations, he began his professional education in September 2011 at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. He went on to complete his Degree Programme in February 2013 as a Professional Software Engineer. As
  soon as he finished his degree, he received the valuable opportunity to commence his Master’s Degree Programme at the prestigious and well-known Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge, UK, with the assistance of the Java Institute. At present, he is following his Master’s at the Anglia Ruskin University, which commenced in February 2013.In addition to all of his academic accomplishments, he teamed up with three of his colleagues and established a software company named “Sithuvili Concepts” just after completing his PCJT Training Programme. Once again I must emphasise that it was one of the most decisive and beneficially influential decisions that we arrived at in our lives as a family when we selected the Java Institute for Advanced Technology for the higher education of our children. Actually, it is one of the best brain-investments that a person can make for the success of one’s life.
Mr. Channa Pathirana,
Father of Sajitha
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