Ravindu Chathuranga
(MSc (Reading), BSc (SEng), OCPJP)
Bandaranayake College, Gampaha

After completing my Advanced Level studies, I was questioning myself on what path I should select for my higher studies. Finally, after much deliberation, I attended the Java Institute for Advanced Technology along with my friend without any proper target for my future. Within a three year period at the Java Institute, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skills that went beyond the content of the course. Due to the lectures by Dr. Ishantha, I developed a solid and reliable target in life and I had formulated the ideal plan to achieve this target.

The lectures by Dr. Ishantha assisted me to unfailingly overcome the real-world obstacles that I came across in our lives. I also advised my friend to follow the lectures by Dr. Ishantha. I received a first class grade for my BSc due to the dexterous education I acquired at the Java Institute.

I commenced my professional career as an Associate Software Engineer at the age of 21 and my first employment was at DirectFN (Pvt) Ltd. During this time I was the youngest developer among

300 people in the company. At present, due to the confidence that I gained from the Java Institute, I am following my Master’s Degree at the University College of Dublin, Ireland.


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