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he Java Institute is in the
process of introducing
completely different, practical and dynamic training environment,
imparting modern training methodologies and eliminating traditional methodologies
which are not applicable to produce
energetic youth to the nation.

Students are competently trained to face the challenges in a demanding job market creating a highly competitive learning and training
environment. During their tenure of education at the institute, students are provided with challenging academic content, skills development projects, and activities instil creativity in the
minds of the students to engage in industrial projects, and a wide range of other parallel programmes that
assist to train the students to manage a stressful working environment easily.

It is extremely important to train them while ensuring that they lead physically and mentally balanced lives, not only while learning but also while serving as professionals in the industry. If they are trained only in subject content and allowed to enter into the competitive working environment, Invariably they will end up with an unhealthy physical and mental condition thereby accomplishing organisational and personal goals with dissatisfaction.

Therefore, the Java Institute encourages its students to engage in at least one extra-curricular activity during
their period of study.