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JRIRC Java Robotics and Intelligence Systems Research Centre(JRIRC)

The Java Robotics and Intelligence Research Centre is an Institute that interconnects software engineers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, and artificial intelligence in order to provide a complete technical solution for any industry that has been created by mankind, and these industries could be medicine, military, space, science, economics, or arts.

The research engineers who are conducting researches at the JRIRC are highly trained in all the above mentioned technologies.

The next era of the world, which is the evolution and utilisation of advanced technology, emphasises that no technology can exist without each other. The JRIRC enables its engineers to engage in research that combines these different kinds of technologies together. The sole purpose of the JRIRC is to create a scientist who does not operate with any technical boundary.

The JRIRC has a scientific plan for this purpose: it commences studies not from the graduate students but from teenagers as creating a scientist cannot be accomplished in a single day; it is a lifelong process which is quite difficult to accomplish.

The JRIRC has a scientific methodology which involved long durations of time and the Institute is spreading the seeds which contains the features of a scientist among the society. These seeds will be planted in the mind-sets of young citizens of the nation and gradually their minds and hearts will accomplish the task of creating proficient scientists naturally.

The JRIRC has designed numerous programs for individuals and these are listed below: