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Java Institute - Karate
The anniversary ceremony of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology was scheduled for the 10th of December, 2013. In commemoration of this special event and with the hope of achieving future success for the Institute, a Pirith session was organised during the morning and this was followed by celebrations that took place in the afternoon and evening. The students of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology provided their full support to make this ceremony a roaring success.
Mr. W. D. Saranga Chamara who qualified with “A” Grade Judge (SLKF), black belt 2nd Dan (JSKF), black belt 2nd Dan (IGKF) was the instructor and the president of the club. Senior students of the Java Institute A. W. Sumudu
Chathuranga, R. Gayan Priyankara, K. A.Dilan Chamal and M. M. A Sameera Madhusanka assisted during the sessions of the Karate Club. Karate classes were conducted along with meditation lessons, self-defense
lessons and yoga lessons. Meditation and yoga classes were specially arranged in order to improve the spiritual life of the students, enabling them arrangement and implementation of the Karate Club within the Institute showcases the capacity and ingenuity of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology to incorporate various significant aspects in to its framework while ensuring a satisfactory level of academic quality standards.