We provide the most advanced Software Engineering Degree Program in Sri Lanka.We only offer Advanced and Research Based Undergraduate and Post Graduate Qualifications based on the Software and Electronics Engineering Disciplines.

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the Java Institute for Advanced Technology

The Java Institute is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute and delivers qualifications credit-rated by the internationally recognised Scottish Qualifications Authority
(SQA) and is an Approved Centre of the SQA.

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Professional Graduate Degree In Software Engineering







We would strictly advise you to register for this degree program, only if you have an extreme passion for the Software Engineering discipline, as this degree program is 600% more advanced when compared to a typical Bachelor of Information Technology degree program in Sri Lanka and is 300% – 400% more advanced than a typical degree program available in Sri Lanka which is titled as Software Engineering.
For further clarifications, please compare the PCJT Software Engineering Degree Program syllabus with the other available Software Engineering syllabus.

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Subject Classification

Please note that all subject modules are compulsory. Furthermore, assessments are considered as Theoretical examinations, Practical examinations and Viva presentations.

Student Life

An engineer is always a creater. In order to open a channel to get an unlimited flow of thoughts into an engineer's mind, it is essential to connect with nature. Therefore, we always encourage our students to engage in at least one sports activity through which they can connect themelves with nature. Ultimately, what we want to teach our students is that engineering is not only a subject discipline but is a lifestyle and the rhythm of nature.