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Java Institute - Rugby
The Kandy Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology
organised a rugby for the students of the Institute. The primary goal
of this sporting event was to enhance the bonds of friendship between
students and to establish a platform that can be used to minimise
the stress of studies. Two teams took part in the rugby tournament and
these two teams represented the Colombo Branch and the Kandy Branch of the Java Institute
Held on the 7th of July 2012 the
rugby tournament initiated in
style and ended with the Kandy
team clinching victory by a
seven point margin. The game
was tightly contested and the
Kandy team garnered a total of
50 points. The Colombo Branch and the Kandy Branch displayed
their skills and sportsmanship
adeptly. A trophy was handed
to the rugby team of the Kandy
As mentioned above, this exciting event was organised to create a joyful occasion for the students so that they can escape their busy schedules.
Many students enjoyed the event and they were delighted to cheer
their teams. The match was played at the Peradeniya ground of Kandy.
All the students cooperated with each other and the relationship between students of different branches was solidified.
In addition to the excitement and thrills of this amazing event, the students were able to form a unique bond between the Institute and the panel of staff as theatmosphere at the grounds were different than what
they experienced during study sessions. Overall, this particular event was a roaring success
and it was a source of delight for all participants.