Software Application DevelopmentUnit ID :H7E1 04ContentHours1. GUI Designing and event handling 1.1. Java API 1.1.1. Introducing java API. 1.1.2. Structure of API. 1.1.3. Introducing classes and packages. 1.2. Java.awt package 1.2.1. Frame. 1.2.2. Panel. 1.2.3. Layouts. 1.2.4. Button. 1.2.5. TextField. 1.2.6. Menu 1.3. Java.awt.event package 1.3.1. ActionListener. 1.3.2. actionPerformed method. 1.3.3. Strings convert to primitives.10.5ContentHours2. Usage of the Java Swing package and its components using Integrate development environment (IDE) 2.1. Introduction to Basic Components of javax.swing package. 2.1.1. JFrame. 2.1.2. JPanel 2.1.3. JButton. 2.2. GUI design methods and interface navigation 2.2.1. Identify Windows Form 2.2.2. Identify Event Processing 2.2.3. Perform Menu Creation 2.2.4. Perform Dialog Creation 2.2.5. Perform Popup menu 2.2.6. Perform themes6ContentHours3. Create application with Database Connection (JDBC and ODBC) 3.1. Database Connectivity (JDBC, ODBC) 3.1.1. Exception handling (Try-catch). 3.1.2. MySQL JDBC driver. 3.1.3. JDBC connection. Protocol/host name/port User name Password 3.2. Data Manipulations using JDBC Connectivity 3.2.1. Save data into database from java 3.2.2. Update data in database from java 3.2.3. Delete data in database from java 3.2.4. Search data in database from java 3.3. Database connectivity using with swing component. 3.3.1. JTable. 3.3.2. JList. 3.3.3. JComboBox. 3.4. Database backup and restore.23ContentHours5. Business Intelligent Report 5.1. Connect Data sources with Jasper 5.2. Use Fields, variables & Parameters 5.3. Generate reports and drafts using data source 5.4. Sub Reporting 5.5. Configure Jasper reports with Java 5.6. Exporting reports to PDF, Excel….etc 5.7. Creating Barcodes23ContentHours6. Software Finalizing 6.1. Loggers and Junit6.2. Create EXE bundle with EXE4J6.3. Setup Factory12ContentHours4. Advanced SE 4.1. Advance Component of javax.swing package4.2. GUI input value Validation.4.3. Implementation of peripherals devices.10.5