Web Programming IUnit ID :H7DT 04ContentHours1. Web contents development with HTML 1.1. Introduction to HTML 1.1.1. History and versioning 1.2. HTML syntax 1.2.1. tags/Elements 1.2.2. Attributes 1.2.3. values 1.3. General HTML Tags12ContentHours2. Cascaded Style Sheets(CSS) 2.1. Introduction to CSS 2.2. Formatting HTML with CSS 2.2.1. In Line CSS 2.2.2. Internal CSS 2.2.3. External CSS 2.3. Scripting with CSS 2.3.1. Class and ID Selectors 2.3.2. Grouping CSS 2.3.3. Nesting CSS10ContentHours3. Extensible Markup Language 3.1. Introduction to XML 3.2. XML Syntax 3.3. Well-Formed XML 3.4. XML Validations with DDL 3.5. XSLT and JSTL programming5ContentHours4. Introduction to PHP 4.1. Background 4.2. PHP Syntax 4.2.1. PHP Variables 4.2.2. Functions and Parameter passing 4.3. Navigation with PHP 4.4. Forms and Parameters 4.5. Imports with PHP5ContentHours5. Database with PHP fundamentals 5.1. connect database with PHP 5.2. Insert record to database 5.3. Update records on database 5.4 Delete database records 5.5. Search records from database5ContentHours7 Multimedia application with PHP7.1. Add Multimedia10ContentHours6. Error Handling and Monitoring with PHP 6.1. Perform Page transition 6.2. Perform status monitor 5ContentHours8. Role of a web server8.1. Introduction to internet and web publishing (DNS)5ContentHours9. Install, configure and maintain web server 9.1. IIS and Apache web servers, 9.2. Implementing secure web services using SSL5ContentHours10. Publishing a web site10.1. Creating hosting domain name, Publishing web content5ContentHours11. Web Programming I (TUTORIAL 01)5512. Web Programming I (TUTORIAL 02)