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Engineer Degree


Lectures/practical hours 7390

No of assessments155

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Four Year Full-time Degree

Course Content

Web Component Development I

No. of Credits12

Lectures/Practical Hours120

No. of Assessments01

The modern world of technology that society experiences today has formulated an environment that requires software developers to ensure that they are fully equipped to fulfil the requirements of distributed, transactional as well as portable applications that influence the speed, security, and reliability of server-side technology. Today, enterprise applications focus on the business logic for enterprises and solve any involved issues. These are managed within a centralised system and these consistently interact with other enterprise software. Within the world of information technology, these enterprise applications should be designed, developed and produced produced in a cost effective manner and they should operate with a higher speed while using fewer resources.

The use of the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) has ensured convenience and efficiency in the development of Java enterprise applications. The main aim of the Java EE platform is to supply software developers with effective APIs while decreasing the development time, reducing the involved complexity, and enhancing the performance. Accordingly, this unit covers the part of knowledge pertaining to Java EE, web component development and lead to the Oracle Certified Professional Web Component Developer examination.

Level 21 Year & 4 Months

Level 2 Total Credits/Hours/Assessments

No. of Credits21

Lectures/Practical Hours210

No. of Assessments02

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